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Compassionate Care Hospice on a mis...

Officials with Compassionate Care Hospice are working to educate communities across its service area about hospice services while dispelling the many myths and misconceptions that surround it. Dan Biever, hospice liaison with Compassionate Care Hospice, is one of the faces behind those efforts.

5 Considerations to Help You Retire Wealthy

If you want your nest egg to be robust when you're ready to retire, you have to take care of it now. That means careful investing and saving.

Planning for the end

The 69-year-old Brookfield man, who suffers from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease , had to ask himself some difficult questions: Do I want them to put tubes down my throat so I can breathe? Do I want to be resuscitated? If I can't make medical decisions for myself, who can? Together, Bossert and his wife filled out an advance directive, a written statement of his wishes regarding medical treatment at the end of his life. Bossert decided that he didn't want to be resuscitated or intubated and that his main concern is to manage his pain to keep himself as comfortable as possible.

Busting 3 common myths associated with alcohol-based hand rub

Hand hygiene saves lives. In fact, it's the single most important measure for preventing the spread of pathogens.Alcohol-based hand rubs are the global standard for hand hygiene in healthcare facilities, including long-term care.

The Average Cost of Retirement Is $738,400: Will You Have Enough?

No one wants to spend their retirement bagging groceries, but without sufficient retirement savings, that's how you may be spending your golden years. The latest Merrill Lynch Finances in Retirement Survey, released in March 2017, revealed that the average cost of retirement has risen to $738,400.


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